Stop fare increases!

Instead, implement Parking Cashout to raise revenue!

Transit Agencies providing transit throughout the San Francisco Bay Area are contemplating raising fares to replace the revenue shortfall caused by the recession. Only BART staff is not contemplating a fare increase.

The agencies will hold hearings on the fare increases prior to their respective Board of Directors taking a vote. We need people to go to the hearings.

The point to make that is they should take steps to implement employer parking cashout to increase farebox revenue by several hundred percent, instead of using the spiral tactic of raising fares and cutting service which will just further decrease ridership. Watch for meeting notices.

Caltrain seems to have just written input. Write (Board Secretary; Caltrain; 1250 San Carlos Ave.; San Carlos CA 94070) or email to fares@caltraincom

Other agencies can be found by following links at www.transitinfo.org

Workshops for the Bay Area 20-year Transportation Plan

These workshops will be held by ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments). Register two weeks in advance. (For more info, click the link below):

- Santa Clara County, May 4

- San Mateo County, May 11

- San Francisco, May 4

- Alameda County, May 18

- Solano County, May 11

- Contra Costa County, May 11

- Napa County, May 18

- Marin County, April 13

- Sonoma County, April 20

All workshops will be 8:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. with breakfast and lunch provided. Workshops are free. A useful package of background materials will be sent in advance to everyone who pre-registers.

To register on-line, go to


Registration deadlines for each county workshop are approximately two weeks before the workshop. You may register for a county different from the one you live in, although it's best to pick the county you know best. Last time, some counties had workshops that filled up very quickly weeks ahead of the registration deadlines, while other counties still had spaces the day before the workshop. It's important for participants to pre-register. Hope to see you at one of the workshops!

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