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Repeal pedestrian prohibitions on arterial roads! See Expressway Topics, Links page

MTS was a very successful advocacy organization between 1971 and 2011 in Santa Clara County and Sacramento County, California.
See About MTS for it's many accomplishments. This website is kept for historical purposes.

Parking Cashout
decreases car commuters by 26%.

Table of results where parking cashout was implemented.

BART to San Jose needs to be re-evaluated for both route and rail mode by conducting a real Alternatives Analyses.

County Supervisors vote for restoring rights that were secretly eliminated by SB 1233 (of 2004), despite County highway engineers' opposition and triple attack.

Walkers, including LRT patrons, are subject to appalling conditions on Montague Expressway due to County highway engineers eliminating ped/bike facilities. Also see: Expressway topics, links page.

Allow Pedestrians!
on sidewalks, paths and shoulders!

Free Market for Transportation Plan

A plan to eliminate welfare for automobiles and increase efficiency of all transportation modes.

Save the Bay Bridge! Shown: train arriving in San Francisco (1940)

People Mover, Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) or Automated Transit Network for San Jose Airport, with connections to Light Rail, Caltrain, future BART and beyond. We have guest speakers on PRT/ATN.

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Solution for traffic congestion

Nine (9) ways to reduce or eliminate traffic congestion on one succinct web page. All are low-cost or no-cost.

Conflict of Transportation Competitors

Unfamiliar history of Bay Area transportation.

Q: Does the gas tax pay for roads?
A: Only 62% of road costs, says Caltrans. And this does not include indirect subsidies.

How Carpool lanes greatly increase solo driving and increase pollution

Death resulted by removing walking facility from Blossom Hill Road bridge

Bay Area Transportation News (BATN) are newspaper clippings, including some national news.

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San Jose's Airport Act (2003) and Measure B (2002) had deception on the ballot.

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