Why do Measure B proponents mention bicycles and pedestrians?

Measure B proponents mention pedestrian projects, but fail to mention that the 1% is far below the percentage of actual walking trips, and ignore that pedestrian accident fatalities in San Jose are among the highest in the State.

Measure B proponents mention bicycle projects, but fail to mention it’s a token 2%. For example in Alameda County, bicycle-pedestrian projects got 5% of transportation funds which more reflects their usage and their contribution towards congestion-free and pollution-free travel.

Measure B listed projects add lanes in many locations by eliminating pedestrian and bicycle facilities! Pedestrians would be forced to walk in the traffic lane has had occurred previously. The T2020 Plan of Measure B separates out reconstructing pedestrian facilities from adding a lane, and then budgets the sidewalk reconstruction years after adding lanes. For example, on Lawrence Expressway, people were forced to walk in the 50 mph traffic lane after lanes were added until sidewalks were finally constructed years later. This also occurred on San Tomas and Montague (see photo's). For details, see Where will the pedestrians walk?

Why do Measure B proponents mention bicycles and pedestrians? To get votes, of course!

Who's behind Measure B?

Modern Transit Society

The Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group has been the primary instigator of more freeway construction in Santa Clara County. They started in 1984 with their proposed sales tax for freeways-only that they got passed by spending a record amount on campaigning. Their interest is to bring more workers to this County from surrounding counties. Trains can accomplish this more cheaply than endlessly constructing freeways.

Unfortunately, their industry seldom looks much beyond an electronic product life cycle of just a few years. Their freeway “solution” results in long term traffic congestion increase for County residents, and a permanent increase in smog. It accomplishes THEIR goal of importing more workers to their plants quickly. But, WE County residents get the smog and the congestion.


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