Jurisdiction of Cities vs. County, Legal Opinion

Legal Opinion by Herbert Kenton, Deputy County Counsel, March 16, 1988

Quoted statements:

"The authority to regulate traffic on portions of County highways within the territorial limits of a city, rests with the city."

"It is the County Counsel's opinion that where authority to prohibit bicycles on County expressways exists, the authority rests with the city in whose jurisdiction the expressway or portion thereof may lie."

Above is the top portion of page 1. Below is the portion on Page 9 that answers question #2: If prohibiting bicycles on the expressways is discretionary with local authorities, which has authority to prohibit such use, a city or the County?.


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Jurisdiction of Cities vs. County, Legal Opinion of County Counsel
Approved Aug. 19, 2003: County Supervisors Policy: The Expressway Plan.
Approved Nov. 7, 2002: VTA policy (Santa Clara County Transportation Authority)
Recent: FHWA policy
Recent: State Legislative Resolution, ACR 211
Recent: California State law, Vehicle Code 21949

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