Appendix B: Three intentions of SB 1233 were contradicted.

SB 1233’s analysis under “Description” (April 12, 2004) states it is a “Committee bill” and states three intentions for all items in the Bill. All are contradicted by portions sponsored by Santa Clara County, as follows:

First, it was not "non-controversial" because of statements by the City of Sunnyvale to the County to remove illegal "pedestrians prohibited" signs after Sunnyvale repealed their pedestrian prohibition a year earlier (on April 22, 2003) on Central Expressway --and the County de-facto refusing to comply. A letter from Sunnyvale to the County (March 3, 2004) states that “these signs ... be removed in a timely manner.” The letter is in Appendix E. The County even acknowledged this repeal by Sunnyvale in the May 4 County report.

Second, it was far from being "non-substantive" because it eliminated the right of bicyclists and pedestrians to use roadways (other than freeways) by eliminating the freeway stipulation, and the right of access stipulation for prohibiting both bicycles and pedestrians. It added “expressways” to CVC 21960, and trivialized declaring expressways. No one can claim “non-substantive” because the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and the Modern Transit Society have successfully used this right to forcethe County, for over 20 years, to remove "pedestrians bicycles ... prohibited" signs that banned use of bike lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian paths, bus stops and shoulders along about 40 miles of arterial roads that were renamed “expressway.” See photos at:

This right was also acknowledged in the May 4 County report. However, the County continued stonewalling on sign removal in full knowledge of the State law change effective January 1,  2005 when they would no longer need to comply --without ever telling us why!

Third, it was not "minor." These changes to California Vehicle Code 21960 vastly expanded the authority of all local authorities in California to prohibit bicyclists and pedestrians.