Index of articles on cashout and parking

Employee Parking Cashout (1997 article)

Achieve Potential Payments for Not Driving (and Smaller Parking Lots) in Cupertino. Also see the slide show presentation in either pdf format or ppt (Powerpoint) format.

Results of 10 studies

Ending parking subsidies will result in dramatic transit increase

Data from RIDES Commute Profile 1999: work-sites "with free parking have a drive-alone rate of 78.5%, while those without free parking have a drive-alone rate of 36.7%." This data is mixing downtowns with suburbs. The Results of 10 studies is more significant as it holds density constant for comparisons while having cashout as the variable.

How to equalize the parking subsidy

Request to VTA to end parking subsidies instead of increasing transit fares

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