How to contact the Modern Transit Society
in the South Bay

You can still contact Akos Szoboszlay, a former President and also editor of the MTS newsletter Guideway:
email: mts (Delete the red X)
408 221 0694 (cellphone)
An alternative contact is Mike Bullock. (See below.)
The official MTS email addresses (ending in "") are discontinued.
MTS was a very successful advocacy organization between 1971 and 2011. (Click "About MTS" at bottom.)

MTS Meetings in the South Bay [No longer valid]

Meetings in the South Bay are the 4th Thursday of the month, at 8:00 p.m., except June, November and December. The location is in Sunnyvale or West San Jose, CA. Please call the MTS president or another officer for the location of the next meeting.

Officers: phone and email

MTS officers (left to right): Treasurer Mike Bullock, Vice-President Akos Szoboszlay, President Bob Williams and Secretary Noel Tebo.

To send email, copy the email address and paste it (or type it), then delete the red character; it's an anti-spam technique. Also, don't put the email address on a web page or post to a blog or newsgroup.

Contacts by topic:

The mailing address for the Modern Transit Society is [No longer valid]:

Modern Transit Society
PO Box 5582
San Jose CA 95150

The web site is

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