Free Market for Transportation Plan

A plan to eliminate welfare for automobiles
and increase efficiency of all transportation modes.

The Modern Transit Society

This Plan:

The root cause of difficulties for transit is the lack of a free-market for competing transportation. Returning to fundamental free market principles is the most effective way of helping transit. There are beneficial side effects, including cleaner air, less noise, and a safer city.

The authors

The Free Market for Transportation Plan is published by the Modern Transit Society (MTS). First published on March 22, 1990 in tabloid newsprint, it was updated and formatted for the internet in December, 1998. Minor updates followed with current events.

The principle author is Akos Szoboszlay, (then Vice-President of MTS, now President). Major contributors are Mike Bullock (Director), Stanley Hart, and Al Spivak, P.E. (then President).

How to print

A printing version of the Free Market for Transportation Plan enables printing the entire report instead of one page at a time. To print, first set your browser preferences to your desired font and size. Page breaks are marked by a thick horizonal line with page number instead of starting a new page. Paper can be further saved by using legal-size paper and/or reducing margins. Print from your browser after going to the unlinked web page which is at


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