Free Market for Transportation Plan


A plan to eliminate welfare for automobiles
and increase efficiency of all transportation modes: page 1

Executive Summary: page 2

Alleviating concerns of potential opposition: page 3

Sources of roadway financing: page 4

Economic principles: page 5

Who benefits from road construction?: page 5

How to calculate the subsidy by a sales tax for freeways: page 5

An economic analogy: page 6

Another low-cost way to increase roadway capacity: page 6

Modern Fare Collection: page 7

Protecting neighborhoods by using road fares: page 8

Other ways people benefit from the Plan: page 9

What is the alternative to "traffic mitigation" fees, developer fees for roads, etc.?: page 10

Conflicts over mandatory automobile accommodation: page 10

Huge city subsidies for autos, trucks: page 11

Charge pollution fees ... to those who pollute: page 12

What should road fares and pollution fees pay for?: page 13

Transportation modeling --a primer: page 14

How to equalize the parking subsidy: page 15

A way to eliminate subsidies: The Free Market Transportation Ordinance: page 16

Traditional vs. Hierarchical street patterns: page 17

How does the traditional system effect automobile traffic flow,
specifically, capacity and travel time?: page 18

How does transit fit in to a traditional system?: page 18


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