HOV Lanes Exposed

Carpool lane facts for the San Francisco Bay Area

Updated 8/24/00

The bottom line:

Fewer people carpool today than before carpool lanes even existed.

Carpool lane construction increases solo-drivers more than HOVs, by more than twice as much.

The facts below, all from government data, contradict the "politically correct" facade of HOV lanes. This facade was created by highway construction interests, including Caltrans, to achieve their real goal: more highway construction.

The definition of carpool is a distortion of the concept:

Carpool lanes18 greatly increase solo drivers:

Carpool lanes increase air pollution:

Fewer people carpool today than before HOV lanes existed:

Carpool lanes are promoted by highway construction interests:

Increase in Vehicles resulting from adding HOV lanes, San Tomas Expressway (Santa Clara County).3 Vehicle counts in the peak commute direction were taken before and two years after increasing the lanes from 4 to 6. Data from Santa Clara County Transportation Agency. The increase in 2-Occupant does not mean a switch from solodriving as much as a switch from driving parallel roads to the less congested HOV lane, thus decreasing 2-Occupant on paralleling routes. When this figure was made, the definition of HOV nationally was at least three occupants.


Carpool lanes reduce mass transit usage, increase automobiles:

Solution for carpool lanes:

Three reasons why carpool lanes harm mass transit:

This page was compiled by Akos Szoboszlay, an engineer and President of the Modern Transit Society.
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Also see the Federal Transit Administration web site about HOV lanes:

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