Letters from and to MTS

Not all letters have been uploaded to the world wide web. Our files in AppleWorks format can be viewed at www.apple.com , then click on iDisk, the name = akos).


Santa Clara Coounty, CA:

Expressway shoulders are safe for pedestrians!

Dangerous policies and guidelines of the highway engineers. This letter will be sent to the members of the Expressway Study Policy Advisory Board on an as-needed basis.

San Jose, CA:

Repeal City Ordinance 11.32.070 (prohibition of pedestrians)


Sunnyvale, CA (two issues):

Appalling conditions for pedestrians on Java Dr. (and solutions)

Anti-pedestrian ordinance needs repeal or correction..

Milpitas, CA (two issues):

Appalling pedestrian conditions on McCarthy Blvd. (and solutions)

Use of levee system for commuting is further thwarted


Ballot Arguement against Alameda County Measure B: sales tax increase, 41% for highways.

Stop forcing pedestrians to walk in the 45 mph traffic lane, including when accessing Light Rail stations. Letter to Sunnyvale.

Mass Transit Attacked!

VTP 2020: public input by MTS to Valley Transportation Plan 2020 for Santa Clara County.


Where will the pedestrians walk after the County highway engineers add more lanes to most expressways? In the traffic lane as evidenced from their past actions and their project list.

To Alameda County Transportation Authority: Measure B and the soluton for traffic congestion

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge letters to allow trains on the bridge; plus responses to letters.

To San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales, opposing the downtown parking garages.

MTS rebuttal to RIDES claims about HOV lanes.

MTS letter to BAAQMD's re: its claim about HOV lanes.

Regional Transportation Plan 1999, public comment to Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Transportation Blueprint for the 21st Century, public comment to Metropolitan Transportation Commission

To Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors regarding Measure B transportation funding.

To Senator Burton regarding transportation bonds ("Burton Bond" propositions).

For prior years, only these have been uploaded to the Internet:

1998, one of the most important letters received by MTS:

Letter from Caltrans budget office, stating that only 62% of highway expeditures are covered by a gas tax.

Letters to Reason Magazine, 1989-1991

These letters are posted to the internet to counter anti-transit web sites which make claims similar to those of Reason Magazine. Reason Magazine claims that automobiles have reduced air pollution and improved safety (compared with alternatives of streetcars, walking and bicycles). It also claims that the air in streetcars was "a pestilence; heavy with disease and the emanations from many bodies" and that General Motors was "framed" and never destroyed streetcars.

MTS proves Reason Magazine wrong

Five more letters to Reason Magazine requesting either correction or rebuttal.

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