Sunnyvale campaign for pedestrian safety and walkers rights

In May of 2003, as a result of the Modern Transit Society's efforts and the support of the city's Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, pedestrians became finally allowed on shoulders and pedestrian paths of expressways. In 1993, after a two-year struggle by MTS, pedestrians became finally allowed to walk on sidewalks on expressways. (Bicycles became allowed in 1987, and they use shoulders.)

The Modern Transit Society has also been requesting, since the 1980s, that Sunnyvale make the following changes on Java Drive: either construct sidewalks or otherwise stop forcing pedestrians to walk in the traffic lane of 45 mph, including transit patrons approaching light rail stations. As an interim, paint shoulder lines on the road.

Details about these two topics are in the letter to Sunnyvale Mayor Walker dated April, 2001 (although we never got a reply).

Java Drive in Sunnyvale, showing how people walk to the LRT station (shown), bus stops, and to lunch. Notice one person walking in the traffic lane, the other walking along the light rail tracks.


Expressway topics, links page.

For a comprehensive report, see Analyses of Pedestrians along Expressways

Sunnyvale City Ordinance, #10.44.010 . Also contains the former(now superceeded) Ordinance prohibiting pedestrians.

Letter sent to Sunnyvale City Councilmember Valerio in Jan. 2000. We never got a reply.

Letter written in 1992 to Mayor Castillo. The response was that when Light Rail is built on Java Dr., Sunnyvale would address the issue. Light Rail was completed in 1999, and it is as worse as ever because the issue was never addressed.

Roadway Cross sections

Below is Java Dr. today and Java Dr. showing requested change. Under that is Lawrence and Central Expressways today, only needing repeal of Sunnyvale's prohibitions (now accomplished).

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