Preserve bike/ped path at Montague-Trimble in San Jose

If the land at the corner of Montague & Trimble is sold as was suggested by the County Expressway Study Manager, the ped/bike path easement needs to be kept along the existing route so bicyclists don't have to do that sharp right turn, which they don't at present. That corner has a very high truck rate making that sharp right turn and it poses a risk of a truck-bike accident. The existing bike route along the original Trimble Rd. (now closed to cars) should be an official bike path.

This photo shows a truck turning right, but it made the turn from the second lane, not the rightmost lane. This picture was taken on a Sunday, but using two lanes for the turn is not usually possible. Also please consider the worse case of a double trailer in traffic and unable to use the second lane. There is a very high truck rate on Trimble-Montague.

Here is the ROW to preserve (but only 10 foot or so needed):

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