San Jose Municipal Code 11.32.070

County Expressways Within City Limits - Use Restrictions.

A. For purposes of this Section, "County expressway" means a County owned or maintained facility, or portion thereof, designated as an expressway or freeway by the County of Santa Clara, which is located within the City limits and under the traffic control jurisdiction of the City of San Jose and which is designed primarily for traffic movement, providing no right or easement of access, or providing access only at intersecting streets, to or from abutting properties.

B. No person, other than peace officers, firefighters, or emergency services personnel acting in the performance of their duties, shall walk or run upon any County expressway which is posted in accordance with Subsection D of this Section. However, the driver or passengers of a disabled vehicle stopped on a County expressway may walk to the nearest exit, in either direction, on that side of the expressway upon which the vehicle is disabled.

C. No person shall drive any livestock upon any County expressway.

D. When pedestrians are prohibited on any County expressway pursuant to this Section, signs shall be posted providing notice of such prohibition as required by California Vehicle Code Section 21960.

E. Nothing in this Section is intended to prohibit any pedestrian from crossing any County expressway while traveling on any street, highway, or other public way where such pedestrians are otherwise permitted.

Instructions for obtaining the Ordinance from the City's website:

From the City's web site, click "Municpal Code" (at right column). Then, under search, enter "11.32.070".

Note the appalling categorization, placing rules for walkers under "Driving Rules."

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