Contents of GUIDEWAY

GUIDEWAY, our newsletter, is changed from quarterly to continuously uploaded to the web as articles are ready. For newspaper clippings see Bay Area Transportation News (BATN)

GUIDEWAY CONTENTS in reverse chronological order


Deception on the Ballot: San Jose's "Airport Traffic Congestion Creation and Transit Elimination Act"

Recent successes for pedestrians along "expressways"

What Norman Mineta Didn't Say

Automobile Dependence

Santa Clara County Election 2002: Transit Measure Beats Roads Measure, 82% to 74%


Santa Clara Co: Vote NO on Measure B

Dangerous policies of Santa Clara County highway engineers

Stop fare increases!

Workshops for the Bay Area 20-year Transportation Plan

Winter 2001

BART to San Jose, and much more

41% for roads passed by 81%, why?

Measure A and B summaries

Future sales taxes

A history of Santa Clara County sales taxes

Highway officials realize more construction is futile

New Guideways

Sacramento Depot: UP's phoney idea

High Speed Rail, not Bay fill !

New CA State laws for pedestrian safety

High Speed Rail Authority holds workshops

Solution for traffic congestion

Fall 2000

Sales Taxes

Sacramento LRT Station to be Named For Wayne Hultgren

Rail Attracts 34 to 43% more patrons than Bus

Dallas Votes for Light Rail by 77%

AC Transit to Decide on LRT

Carpool (HOV) Lanes Are a Failure!

Highway Lobby Declares War on Transit and Traffic Calming

How to Get a Local Gas Tax at the County Level

U.P. to Sacramento: Want a Nice Big Greyhound Terminal?

How to Fight Spam

MTS' search engine

Summer 2000

Sales Taxes

Extend BART from Fremont to San Jose

What will the BART extension cost?

BART Extension to San Jose May Occur "In Our Lifetime" After All

Transit Modes

Los Angeles: Another Light Rail line or just a "Busway"?

More Light Rail for Santa Clara Co.

Bay Bridge: More False Claims

Italy by Train

Spring 2000

In Memoriam

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

Sales Tax results in Sonoma County

New Advocacy Groups Complement Role of MTS

Auto use is inflated by distorted economics

Flurry of New State Legislation

Carpool lanes increase pollution!

Trains, Streetcars and Peds. in Holland

Previous Issues

While Guideway was probably published soon after 1971, when MTS was founded, the newsletter issues were on paper and mailed out. Akos Szoboszlay was editor from about 1982 to 2003. When I became editor, the paste-up was done by hand and a mimeograph machine was used. After a few years, I was using page layout software when the Mac computer became available and used offset printing.

The Sacramento chapter of MTS had its own newsletter, Moving People, but only two issues of Moving People, were uploaded to the Internet.

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