You are cordially invited to attend the

Modern Transit Society’s
Annual Dinner Meeting
and Election of Board of Directors

Tuesday, Sept 25, 2001, 7:30 pm
at Round Table Pizza in Sunnyvale, CA
corner of Francis and Washington, two blocks from the Caltrain station

Guest speakers
Mr. Andrew Jakes, President of Jakes Associates, Inc.
Mr. Guido Schwager, President of
Schwager Davis, Inc. 

Automated People Movers

Jakes Associates is a consulting firm with a very impressive record of successful management and consulting projects in the area of innovative, affordable transit.  These projects include four separate automated people movers in the Las Vegas area, one of which is being expanded into a major element of the city transit system.  Another was constructed in eight months and carried over 13 million passengers in its first seven months of operation.  Mr. Jakes is uniquely qualified to discuss appropriate transit for the Twenty First Century.

Schwager Davis is a design and construction firm which has built a casino
people mover in Primm, Nevada. It is presently constructing a truly breakthrough system for the Clarian Health Group in Indianapolis, the nation's first privately funded urban transit system to operate on a public right of way. It will be a 1.5 mile, three station, automated system connecting two hospital facilities through a major urban area and crossing two freeways.  The $30 million contract includes all construction and equipment.  The project was approved in February and completion is scheduled for October 2002.  Mr. Schwager will discuss the system and the implications for future projects.

This is an excellent opportunity to explore Automated Guideway Transit, which could emerge as a leading transit solution for diversified urban regions such as the Bay Area. Both speakers not only have a wealth of hands-on experience in the actual construction of these systems, but are also leaders in exploring innovative, low cost solutions. If you have questions about the technology, costs, seismic considerations, etc., here is your chance to ask.

RSVP is not required, but would be appreciated. For RSVP or questions, contact Bob Williams [click contacts] or by phone at 408/733-1102.

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