How to order the book

The Elephant in the Bedroom: Automobile Dependence & Denial; Impacts on the Economy and Environment

by Stanley Hart and Alvin Spivak (MTS co-founder).

Al Spivak received a supply of books after the death of Stanley Hart. Order direct from the author. The paperback is 173 pages.

Total is 14.90 for CA and $13.95 elsewhere. ($11.95 + $2 postage, CA 8% sales tax.)

Send check or money order to:

Al Spivak, 101 Spring Ct., Cloverdale CA 95425

For more info., call the author at 707/894-3357 or email at [first delete the X]

Published in July 1993 by Hope Publishing House; ISBN: 0932727646 ;


Hardcover, also 173 pages, is available from for $13.97 + shipping.


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