Letter from MTS to Governor Gray Davis, 3/17/99

[On Modern Transit Society letterhead]

March 17, 1999

Governor Gray Davis
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Subject: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge; State report from 1947 says trains "essential"

Honorable Governor Davis,

As the organization that was instrumental in bringing back light rail transit to both Sacramento and Santa Clara County, we urge you to require that electric trains again be allowed on the Bay Bridge. These trains were destroyed as a result of a hostile takeover of the transit company by General Motors Corporation. This was despite a State report from 1947 stating trains are "essential" on this bridge. Lets right a wrong here. The Bay Bridge must be 'future-ready' for trains, to the same weight capacity as the present bridge. We urge you to reject the 'freeway on stilts' design that does not allow high speed trains!



Akos Szoboszlay

[The remainder of the letter is the same as our main SFOBB web page]

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