On MTS letterhead

March 19, 1999

Jim Beall, Chair
Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)
101 Eighth Street, Oakland, California 94607

Subject: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge; State report from 1947 says trains "essential"

Dear Jim Beall,

The recent vote by SF Supervisors supporting trains, as well as voter approval in four cities last November, could be a reason for a vote by MTC to require that trains again be allowed on the Bay Bridge. These trains were destroyed as a result of a hostile takeover of the transit company by General Motors Corporation. This was despite a State report from 1947 stating trains are "essential" on this bridge. Lets right a wrong here. The Bay Bridge must be 'future-ready' for trains, to the same weight capacity as the present bridge. We urge you to reject the 'freeway on stilts' design that does not allow trains!

Below is a copy of our web site on the Bay Bridge. The web site itself has links to original documents:



Akos Szoboszlay

[The remainder of the letter is the same as our main SFOBB web page]

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