Modern Transit Society's position on BART to San Jose:
Re-evaluate by conducting a REAL Alternatives Analyses
for both route and rail mode.

The letter below to the VTA Board describes the current MTS position on BART to San Jose. The previous position was supporting BART to San Jose (and may still be, depending on analysis described below). MTS never favored the extensive "undergrounding" in the current plan under downtown San Jose.

March 31, 2004

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Board of Directors
Office of the Board Secretary
3331 North First Street, Building B-2
San Jose, CA 95134-1906

Subject: BART beyond Great Mall/Berryessa

Dear Board of Directors,

The Modern Transit Society would like to offer the following resolution for your consideration. We realize that a BART extension alternatives analysis has been conducted and a preferred alternative selected, but since that time severe financial constraints have raised numerous questions and concerns regarding the viability of the project.

Now is an opportune time, before the project has gone beyond the point of no return, to reexamine the selected design for possible lower cost alternatives which would preserve both the intent of the voters and the full utility of the system.

Very truly yours,

Robert L. Williams, President
408 733-1102

It is anticipated that a major funding shortfall for the baseline BART extension is probable, causing massive delays and even threatening the project itself,

Be it resolved,

Before major amounts of preliminary engineering funds are expended, an alternatives analysis should be performed to determine the best use of available BART construction funds. This analysis should include three alternatives:

  1. The baseline BART, including tunneling through downtown San Jose, and terminating at the Santa Clara rail depot.
  2. The baseline BART, except that the portion through downtown San Jose shall be elevated.
  3. Termination of BART either at Milpitas or Berryessa, including a maintenance facility, and construction of a continuing peoplemover or PRT (personal rapid transit) system serving all destination points currently in the BART plan, and possibly other destinations.
Furthermore, if either alternative (2) or (3) is selected as the preferred design, then proper legal steps should be taken to enable the implementation of that design.

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